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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Review request for approach to component tests/QA for the systemvm
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2014 06:33:30 GMT
Hey folks,

As part of

We tried using chef [1] solo as a convergence tool [2] for systemvm config changes, and along
with that serverspec [3] for testing, which is pretty standard practice while using chef.

But, chef_solo is turning out to perhaps be a bit slow for systemvm use, so Ian is now creating
a lighter weight convergence tool with python. I imagine it should go down well here since
we have so much python already :)

In line with that I looked for a python-based serverspec alternative and found ‘envassert’,
which seems to work Just Fine(tm). Yesterday I got all the bits properly hooked up to my IDE
[4], our internal jenkins [5], and Ian’s vi [6]; I’m pretty happy with this setup now;
so we plan to start writing serious amounts of tests from today.

The two big changes are

Any comments?



[5] basically it’s invoking
    and then parsing the xunit.xml that comes out of nose
[6] that one was particularly difficult :)

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