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From Francois Gaudreault <>
Subject SolidFire Plugin - Weird Behavior
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2014 15:39:35 GMT
Hi Mike,

I tryed the SolidFire plugin on 4.4.1, and I don't think the behavior is 
right for the ROOT volume. Tried on XenServer 6.2.

First, I am using a template with technically a 20GB space, but the 
storage plugin will create the volume only according to the size of the 
vhd (which is 3GB). This is wrong :)

Second, the creation fails with a XenServer error saying there is not 
enough space to copy the VDI:

2014-08-22 11:25:44,417 WARN  [c.c.h.x.r.CitrixResourceBase] 
(DirectAgent-249:ctx-81a37f3b) Task failed! Task record:                 
uuid: b7cf8b1d-d9d9-c2c0-aba0-7368c181a2cb
            nameLabel: Async.VDI.copy
    allowedOperations: []
    currentOperations: {}
              created: Fri Aug 22 11:25:43 EDT 2014
             finished: Fri Aug 22 11:25:43 EDT 2014
               status: failure
           residentOn: com.xensource.xenapi.Host@a7913c69
             progress: 1.0
                 type: <none/>
            errorInfo: [SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_44, , There is insufficient 
          otherConfig: {}
            subtaskOf: com.xensource.xenapi.Task@aaf13f6f
             subtasks: []

Should we also have a SR to handle template copy?


Francois Gaudreault
Gestionnaire de Produit | Product Manager - Cloud Platform & Services

CloudOps Votre partenaire infonuagique | Cloud Solutions Experts
420 rue Guy | Montreal | Quebec | H3J 1S6
w: | tw: @CloudOps_

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