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From ilya musayev <>
Subject CloudStack UI - very slow or never loads content in large env
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2014 07:49:14 GMT
I have an issue with when i login as admin user.

CloudStack UI does not display the object unless i click around multiple 
times on different sections. This is evident in environment with greater 
than 500+ VMs.

Example: You login and press on Instances - that may or may not load on 
the first attempt. You press elsewhere and press Instances again, then 
the page loads. You pick the VM, press on it - it may or may not show 
the content unless i click around elsewhere. Sometimes i can do 2 - 3 
click drill down on the 4th, it wont load the content completely.

I've checked apiserver.log and i do see that api calls go thru. If i use 
cloudmonkey, i get the response rather quick, so it appears to be UI 
related only.

I've tried different browsers, the issue affects all browsers.

Any idea on how to troubleshoot this issue? i've given tomcat plenty of 
heap, but it did not help.


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