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From Brian Federle <>
Subject RE: [ACS4.5] GUI Question
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2014 22:25:56 GMT
I think that would be doable. One idea is to extend that 'tagger' widget, or a plain text field
if that is all you need, to bind a 'change' event to the text field, which would trigger an
AJAX call to the listStorageTags and display a popup box of results generated via jQuery (i.e.,
generate a new div with a <ul> list inside).

The only concern would be triggering too many API calls at once. You might have to only request
during a regular interval (i.e., every second) to prevent a 'too many API calls' error. However,
the approach you described is pretty much how the rest of UI handles API data -- parsing a
JSON response and formatting for the user.


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From: Seif Eddine Jemli [] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2014 3:15 PM
To: Mike Tutkowski; Brian Federle; Alena Prokharchyk;
Subject: Re: [ACS4.5] GUI Question

Hi Brian,

Actually what we want exactly to do is adding autocompletion to the "Storage Tags" field in
the "Create Primary Storage" dialog.
Ideally, it will look like this :*

So, suggestions of existing storage tags that match the typed letters will be listed to the
user on the fly.
I created an API call : *listStorageTags* that will be called by the frontend when we write
letters (the letters will be sent as a GET param).
The frontend will then get a *JSON list* from the backend (the list of the matching storage
tags, result of the listStorageTags call) to display them as suggestions to the user.

Is this doable with the current UI code architecture?

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