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From Suresh Sadhu <>
Subject RE: jclouds support for CloudStack
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2014 05:44:56 GMT
Count me on testing this integration.

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From: Aled Sage [] 
Sent: 23 July 2014 21:02
Subject: jclouds support for CloudStack

Hi all,

We are keen users of and contributors to jclouds [1], including for the CloudStack integration.

For those who don't know it, Apache jclouds is the leading java cloud portability library,
used by a lot of companies and several Apache projects including Brooklyn (for which I'm a
lead) and Stratos.

Would anyone in the CloudStack community be interested in helping out with updating and improving
the jclouds integration? Unfortunately the jclouds CloudStack code hasn't had as much attention
as it deserves over the past couple of releases.

I just targeted Exoscale [2] (i.e. CloudStack 4.3) for the jclouds live test suite, and got
a range of failures. There are some concrete tasks that can come out of this:

  * Ability to automatically skip inappropriate tests - e.g. if only
    basic networking is available, then report the advanced networking
    tests as skipped rather than failed.
    (This could use the API Discovery [3])
  * Investigate other failures, to make the test suite more robust (or
    potentially to find regressions in CloudStack).
  * Extend the jclouds integration for more recent API features (e.g.
    for API Discovery [3])
  * Improve the publicity and documentation for jclouds CloudStack -
    e.g. it's not even mentioned in [4]

It's also worth noting that the jclouds live test suite is a great regression test suite that
could be run at least once on every CloudStack release. For example, it would most likely
spot regressions such as CLOUDSTACK-6508 [5,6].


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