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From Hugo Trippaers <>
Subject Re: Review Request 23282: CLOUDSTACK-6845 : First Code drop for NuageVsp Network plugin
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2014 09:50:23 GMT

On 19 jul. 2014, at 02:49, Suresh Ramamurthy <> wrote:
> I had following questions regarding compiling only nuagevsp plugin
>  a) To build only nuagevsp, is below command correct. 
>         mvn clean install -P developer,nuagevsp


>  b) To run client with nuagevsp in development setup, is the below correct:
>         mvn -pl :cloud-client-ui jetty:run -P nuagevsp


>  c) To create rpm using, we need to pass NOREDIST option. But, this requires
all the dependent jar file to be copied.
>     Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. How do we build rpm with only nuagevsp

At the moment we do not build an RPM with only the a single plugin enabled. People in the
community distribute two sets of RPMs, the regular version and the version with all optional
components. If you want to build a version of CloudStack with just the Nuage plugin you can
modify the cloud.spec file yourself and add nuagevsp to the profiles manually.


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