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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Release 4.4
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2014 21:39:07 GMT
Hey folks,

On 6/11/14, 6:36 PM, "Mike Tutkowski" <> wrote:
>Yeah, I am concerned about 4.4 getting farther behind schedule, as well,
>but I agree with David that we should not cancel it.
>I know it might be a pain, but I wonder if the RM would be willing to
>people every few days (just an e-mail to dev@) about the current list of
>blockers and their progress and to see if people need help and others
>be willing and able to do so.

Funny you should mention that. I¹m not the RM obviously, but Daan asked me
if I could have a fresh look at the list of blockers and criticals. If you
want, consider me a temporary junior administrative assistant to the
release manager ;-). What¹s a chore for Daan is a good way for me to learn
more cloudstack!

Here¹s this afternoon's blockers against 4.4 ordered by creation date:

* Bug          CLOUDSTACK-6602
  [UI]         createNetworkACL API action param value passed incorrectly
  Assignee:    Jessica Wang
  Created:     5/8/14 5:55
  Updated:     6/3/14 13:08
  Leo¹s evaluation: seems like a blocker;
               _probably_ simple fix if you know the javascript?
  Leo¹s suggestion: fix for 4.4

* Bug          CLOUDSTACK-6779
  [OVS]        Expunging VM (deleting vif) deletes all the rules from ovs
               bridge flow table
  Assignee:    Murali Reddy
  Created:     5/27/14 12:49
  Updated:     6/6/14 12:43
  Leo¹s evaluation: seems like a blocker, work is in progress
  Leo¹s suggestion: fix for 4.4

* Bug          CLOUDSTACK-6791
  [Automation] DeleteNetworkCmd fails with NullPointerException
  Assignee:    Santhosh Kumar Edukulla
  Created:     5/28/14 1:01
  Updated:     6/8/14 21:28
  Leo¹s evaluation: stalled on info from tester
  Leo¹s suggestion: downgrade to major

* Test         CLOUDSTACK-6861
  [Automation] Test case test_01_snapshot_root_disk during mount
  Assignee:    **Unassigned**
  Created:     6/9/14 3:50
  Updated:     6/9/14 3:55
  Leo¹s evaluation: looks like it could be a test environment issue
               instead of a code issue?
  Leo¹s suggestion: downgrade to major

* Test         CLOUDSTACK-6863
  [Automation] test_09_delete_detached_volume failing inconsistently with
               during simulator run
  Assignee:    **Unassigned**
  Created:     6/9/14 4:03
  Updated:     6/9/14 4:04
  Leo¹s evaluation: seems like a blocker, looks scary
  Leo¹s suggestion: fix for 4.4, mark as bug, not test

* Test         CLOUDSTACK-6862
  [Automation] Test case
               faling during BVT
  Assignee:    **Unassigned**
  Created:     6/9/14 3:55
  Updated:     6/10/14 21:01
  Leo¹s evaluation: test for unfinished new feature is failing
  Leo¹s suggestion: if not easy to fix, defer feature to 4.5

I was going to give my suggestions to Daan to try and make a call on, but I
guess it¹s better if that can be done by y¹all, right here.

Note a lot of these are very recent coming out of ongoing QA, so I imagine
this list is still to grow before it shrinks.

Next, here¹s a bunch of older critical issues against 4.4:

    [VMWARE] [Upgrade]Livestorage Migration & VM Snapshot features are not
        fully functional after upgrade
    Sateesh Chodapuneedi
    9/3/13 6:26
    12/6/13 10:27
    nasty bug since 4.2 was not fixed in 4.3
    defer to 4.5

    [VMWARE]Network read/write statistics is zero always
    Likitha Shetty
    8/12/13 10:00
    12/10/13 4:04
    bug since 4.1, prio went down/up few  times
    defer to 4.5

    Xenserver - Failed to create snapshot when secondary store was made
      unavaibale for about 1.5 hour leaving behind snapshot in "
      CreatedOnPrimary" state. The subsequent scheduled snapshot also
    edison su
    12/4/13 0:48
    12/20/13 0:21
    nasty bug on 4.3 was bumped to 4.4 (in xenserver?)
    defer to 4.5

    Xenserver - Failed to create snapshot due to "unable to destroy
task(com.xe nsource.xenapi.Task@67d312d6) on
host(23af93a0-93ff-40cb-ba11-a11d1b884d37)" when secondary store was
unavaiable for 1 and 1/2 hours and then brought up..
    edison su
    12/4/13 0:57
    12/20/13 0:22
    similar to 5356
    defer to 4.5

    Snapshot creation fails with following exception - "Failed to backup
snapshot: qemu-img: Could not delete snapshot
'89eced14-9121-44a7-bb97-26b567795726': -2 (No such file or directory)"
    edison su
    12/12/13 0:13
    12/20/13 0:23
    similar to 5356
    defer to 4.5

    [object_store_ref] Attaching volume to a vm is failing after upgrade
      if the volume was uploaded before upgrade
    edison su
    8/26/13 7:04
    12/31/13 6:54
    bug in upgrade from 3 to 4
    downgrade to major

    issue with stopping vms parallelly
    Kelven Yang
    10/30/13 12:14
    1/9/14 21:55
    vmsync, might be fixed?, needs retesting
    test if fixed in 4.4, bump to 4.5 if not

    KVM - Recurring Snapshots - Snapshots reported as being in "BackedUp"
state even though a Nullpointer exception is seen during post processing
of snapshot.
    Kelven Yang
    1/3/14 2:21
    2/3/14 23:05
    vmsync, might be fixed?, needs retesting
    test if fixed in 4.4, bump to 4.5 if not

    Recurring Snapshots - Few Snapshots are stuck in "Creating" state for
      more than 30 minutes.
    Kelven Yang
    1/3/14 2:42
    2/3/14 23:06
    vmsync, might be fixed?, needs retesting
    test if fixed in 4.4, bump to 4.5 if not

    VR Rolling upgrade: Make the numbers of Routers parallely being
      upgraded as configurable
    Kishan Kavala
    2/7/14 5:12
    2/7/14 5:12
    don't understand, needs description

    CLONE - Non windows instances are created on XenServer with a vcpu-max
      above supported xenserver limits
    Harikrishna Patnala
    2/7/14 21:42
    2/7/14 21:46
    hack/workaround in 4.3, check if fixed in 4.4
    evaluate if fixed

    Contrail:MS: Exceptions in MS logs on a fresh install, syncDomain
    Suresh Balineni
    1/17/14 22:41
    4/5/14 0:14
    eek, NPE! Was not fixed in 4.3
    defer to 4.5

    API docs are missing some APIs
    David Nalley
    10/21/13 18:10
    4/5/14 0:14
    docs/jenkins issue
    downgrade to major, remove version

    API: synchronization on the object is broken
    Kelven Yang
    12/4/13 1:11
    4/5/14 0:14
    vmsync, might be fixed? Needs eval

    [HyperV]Can't access vm console from IE browser
    Devdeep Singh
    1/3/14 6:47
    4/22/14 4:56
    bug for IE < 11, IE is unsupported
    downgrade to major, defer to 4.4

    CS does XS master switch, which may cause weid XS behavior
    Anthony Xu
    2/26/14 23:23
    4/22/14 18:33
    eek, failure cascade! Needs attention?
    defer to 4.5

    Bad data inserted into physical network labels for Zone Create Wizard
      using VMWare
    Sateesh Chodapuneedi
    10/31/13 4:10
    4/28/14 10:21
    complex issue, needs test automation
    defer to 4.5

    Storage types other than NFS/VMFS can't overprovision
    1/6/14 19:43
    4/30/14 17:35
    needs attention
    defer to 4.5

    Need Support for the LXC for the Report sockets CS-4908
    Kishan Kavala
    11/20/13 6:46
    5/9/14 19:25
    incomplete new feature
    downgrade to major, defer to 4.5

    Xenserver - SR not being recreated when the Primary storage is brought
      down and brought back up again resulting in not being able to start
      Vms that have their volumes in this primary store.
    Anthony Xu
    12/4/13 22:53
    5/9/14 19:25
    failure cascade!
    defer to 4.5

As you can see, as far as I understand (which is not very farŠ), most of
these older issues are definitely serious. In other words, I think most of
them definitely deserve to be considered critical bugs, they¹re not
particularly mis-triaged. But, they¹re very specific / difficult to
reproduce / limited to a specific combination of components, so they
should perhaps not hold up a release, given where cloudstack is at right
now. For many of them, that¹s the same choice that was made when baking
the 4.3 release. It¹d obviously be great to not have to bump them again,
but, given this release is so late, it seems a reasonable choice.

Then there¹s another bucket of issues related to something called ³vmsync²
which need some follow up from someone that understands that stuff.

CLOUDSTACK-6063 also deserves a highlight. AIUI this was a dirty/quick fix
for 4.3 that should have received a proper fix in then-master now-4.4. I
didn¹t find yet whether it did.

I think tomorrow I¹m digging through the criticals that have seen updates
after may 1st, of which there are currently **68**. Comparing bug creation
rate with bug resolution rate, there will never be a 4.4 release if all
those have to be fixedŠso I imagine the only available approach is to
defer a lot of _those_ to 4.5, too :-/.

Hope this helps! Cheers,


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