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From Daan Hoogland <>
Subject [ACS44] blocker issues?
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2014 15:23:53 GMT

Here is the resent list with blockers at the moment, sorted by last modified.

CLOUDSTACK-6623;Register template does not work as expected, when
deploying simulator and xen zones simultaneously on a single
management server.;Bharat Kumar;edison su;22/May/14
CLOUDSTACK-6755;[OVS] Can't create more than 7 GRE tunnel networks in
xen cluster;Sanjeev N;Murali Reddy;23/May/14
CLOUDSTACK-6779;[OVS] Expunging VM (deleting vif) deletes all the
rules from ovs bridge flow table;Sanjeev N;Murali Reddy;27/May/14

CLOUDSTACK-6804;[Automation] Add host fails in KVM;Rayees
Namathponnan;Kishan Kavala;02/Jun/14
CLOUDSTACK-6603;[Upgrade]DB Exception while Autoscale monitoring after
upgrading from 4.3 to 4.4;manasaveloori;Rajesh Battala;02/Jun/14
CLOUDSTACK-6602;[UI] createNetworkACL API action param value passed
incorrectly;Jayapal Reddy;Jessica Wang;03/Jun/14
CLOUDSTACK-6710;[Automation] VM snapshot failing with NPE in
vmware;Rayees Namathponnan;Amogh Vasekar;04/Jun/14
CLOUDSTACK-6842;[Automation] Detach volume fails with
LibvirtException: Storage pool not found: no storage pool with
matching uuid;Rayees Namathponnan;Unassigned;04/Jun/14
CLOUDSTACK-6791;[Automation] DeleteNetworkCmd fails with
NullPointerException;Rayees Namathponnan;Unassigned;04/Jun/14
CLOUDSTACK-6825;[Automation] Create template from snapshot fails with
NPE in KVM;Rayees Namathponnan;Unassigned;05/Jun/14

The dates that you see are the last updates of the issues.

Given that we are in release period I can not take an issue that has
not been for more then a week serious as blocker. What can we say
about the rest. I don't hear to much noise on the list about blockers.
These are the most serious things we should be talking about.

Unless some serious fuzz arises on list I move to mark all of the
issues as known issues and go ahead and release.


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