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From Daan Hoogland <>
Subject Re: [ACS44] blocker issues?
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2014 11:15:24 GMT

- The point is that there are bugs being marked as blockers that where
never discussed on this list. Someone has decided all by their own
they are blocker and didn't ask for feedback. I don't find that
- My colleague Wilder has done some validation. I didn't memorize his
report but I am sure his testing was more then just the release
validation from the wiki.
- We run an integration test which is base on our own marvin scripting
not on the automation at Schuberg Philis.

 So what remains is we should not release with blockers. no duh.

On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 9:39 PM, Sudha Ponnaganti
<> wrote:
> Daan,
> - 1 on releasing with blockers
> - We have to get these fixed. People doesn’t get to blockers doesn’t  make severity
any less.
> - Also I did not see any upgrade validation done in community. Would be good if someone
confirms that they have done it already.
> - Do you know if anyone is running automation on 4.4 branch in their local environments?
 It would be good if someone post their results if they are running automation in their local
> Thanks
> /Sudha
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Daan Hoogland []
> Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2014 8:24 AM
> To: dev
> Subject: [ACS44] blocker issues?
> LS,
> Here is the resent list with blockers at the moment, sorted by last modified.
> CLOUDSTACK-6623;Register template does not work as expected, when deploying simulator
and xen zones simultaneously on a single management server.;Bharat Kumar;edison su;22/May/14
CLOUDSTACK-6755;[OVS] Can't create more than 7 GRE tunnel networks in xen cluster;Sanjeev
N;Murali Reddy;23/May/14 CLOUDSTACK-6779;[OVS] Expunging VM (deleting vif) deletes all the
rules from ovs bridge flow table;Sanjeev N;Murali Reddy;27/May/14
> CLOUDSTACK-6804;[Automation] Add host fails in KVM;Rayees Namathponnan;Kishan Kavala;02/Jun/14
CLOUDSTACK-6603;[Upgrade]DB Exception while Autoscale monitoring after upgrading from 4.3
to 4.4;manasaveloori;Rajesh Battala;02/Jun/14 CLOUDSTACK-6602;[UI] createNetworkACL API action
param value passed incorrectly;Jayapal Reddy;Jessica Wang;03/Jun/14 CLOUDSTACK-6710;[Automation]
VM snapshot failing with NPE in vmware;Rayees Namathponnan;Amogh Vasekar;04/Jun/14 CLOUDSTACK-6842;[Automation]
Detach volume fails with
> LibvirtException: Storage pool not found: no storage pool with matching uuid;Rayees Namathponnan;Unassigned;04/Jun/14
CLOUDSTACK-6791;[Automation] DeleteNetworkCmd fails with NullPointerException;Rayees Namathponnan;Unassigned;04/Jun/14
CLOUDSTACK-6825;[Automation] Create template from snapshot fails with NPE in KVM;Rayees Namathponnan;Unassigned;05/Jun/14
> The dates that you see are the last updates of the issues.
> Given that we are in release period I can not take an issue that has not been for more
then a week serious as blocker. What can we say about the rest. I don't hear to much noise
on the list about blockers.
> These are the most serious things we should be talking about.
> Unless some serious fuzz arises on list I move to mark all of the issues as known issues
and go ahead and release.
> --
> Daan


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