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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: Spectacular networking fail with KVM Adv zone - can someone address this bug?
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2014 16:21:42 GMT
On 03.06.2014 16:20, Marcus wrote:
> I think a fresh 4.3 install with vlan isolation is pretty well tested, 
> but
> there have been issues with upgrades, and apparently basic/no 
> isolation
> networks. I'm taking a shot in the dark to try to help, and I'll see 
> if I
> can reproduce, but the symptoms seem rather complex and varied. If I 
> can
> reproduce it, I can fix it.

Thanks Marcus! I have 2 deployments, both fresh 4.3, one Adv and one 
Adv+SG, neither exhibit this problem, so indeed it does look like an 
upgrade issue.
It looks like someone attempted a fix, but without too much success ..


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