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From John Kinsella <>
Subject Re: KVM + LXC on the same host
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2014 02:38:53 GMT
Hey Ilya -

So, for about a month now we’ve had a system running SmartOS[1], which gives a combination
of containers and KVM, albeit on illumos instead of linux. In general I’m not impressed
by SmartOS’s story, but we had one customer asking for it (and I sorta expect more, we’re
not officially supporting it yet). It’s a little early for me to even ponder integrating
it with ACS, but might but worth a glance if you’re looking for that KVM/container mix.

 * Compared to a Linux hypervisor, much less feature support (missing Ceph is personally bugging
 * It’s…Solaris (the OS that won’t go away, c0t0d0s0 gives me flashbacks from 10 years
ago). For us our infrastructure/automation is fairly tuned for linux, so really embracing
this will require…effort.


On Jun 4, 2014, at 5:58 PM, ilya musayev <> wrote:

> We are considering running KVM and LXC on the same host and hopefully control both through
> I know there are agents involved for each component, i dont know if we can have a hybrid
> The use case is simple, we would like the end user to pick LXC/Docker for performance,
or KVM instance if he really needed all bells and whistles of dedicated kernel in fully virtualized
> Is anyone aware why we should not mix 2 workloads on the same host? Is it possible at
this point in time to mix LXC, KVM and CloudStack, i assume the answer is no, but perhaps
there is a hack i can try.
> Thanks
> ilya

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