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From Daan Hoogland <>
Subject irc meeting on rvr4vpc
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2014 07:48:52 GMT

We had a little meeting on the state of this feature and the way to go. I have no karma for
ASFBot meetings so here is my excerpt from the transcript:

K3KH Karl Harris
Yasker Sheng Yang
Spark404 Hugo Trippaers
echaz Eric Chazas
LeoSimons Leo Simons
dahn Daan Hoogland

others where present in the room but not active in the meeting

-          Feasibility experiment plans by Schuberg Philis
-          Reusable work by Karl
-          Problems Citrix encountered with the regular redundant router (and how to avoid
-          Work division
-          (next meeting needed?)

We tried to follow the agenda but were not very strict on it. I'll summarize outcome per agenda

Schuberg Philis wants to implement a feasibility redundant router on a simulated vpc environment
using the operational expertise it has in house. The outcome would then be back ported to
the device, it's agent and the management server.

The implementation tactics is to create a json like configuration description and to let the
device do its own configuration. The idea is to have a single device for normal and vpc routers
and to let the redundancy be a mere property of it. This should lead to the ultimate objective
which is to have a single relatively simple maintainable device.

Karl will describe his endeavors in adapting the existing device on list.

Sheng described the QA problems Citrix had with the existing redundant capabilities of the
VR and assured us that only one real problem persists. The failover time of 3 seconds occasionally
leads to a split brain which leads to two VR's assuming the role of master. As the management
server in a busy environment can take up to 30 seconds the to detect a failover this can lead
to unacceptable outage. One possible solution, to have the management server serve as negotiator
on such occasions, will be hard to implement due to this latency. Noticeably both routers
use the same mac address on the interface to the load balancer.

The resources available by Citrix are uncertain. Plan and design needs to be done. It is agreed
that we will work in parallel (Schuberg Philis and Citrix) but keep in close contact. The
amount of resources Sungard has for this is not discussed. Karl will keep involved.

We agreed to have a next meeting at 20:00 UTC on June the 17th

Can someone give me Karma to use ASFBot for this one, please?


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