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From Matt Spurlin <>
Subject Creating New Host
Date Tue, 13 May 2014 21:20:22 GMT
Hi all,
I am working on creating a new hypervisor. I have a Discoverer and
ResourceBase class for my new hypervisor. With this I have been able
to add a host through the API after adding a new entry to the
HypervisorType enum in After I add the host however,
it always goes into an Alert state. In my log there are no exceptions
or anything that is indicating what is happening. Does anyone have
ideas as to why this might be?

Here is what CloudMonkey is returning when I call list hosts with this
host's ID:


  "count": 1,

  "host": [


      "clusterid": "7c70daad-f2ba-4b2a-bb53-56b55a931967",

      "clustername": "MyCluster",

      "clustertype": "CloudManaged",

      "cpuallocated": "\ufffd%",

      "cpunumber": 0,

      "cpuspeed": 0,

      "cpuwithoverprovisioning": "0.0",

      "created": "2014-05-13T16:13:52-0500",

      "events": "Remove; Ping; AgentConnected; ShutdownRequested;
ManagementServerDown; AgentDisconnected",

      "hahost": false,

      "hypervisor": "MyHypervisor",

      "id": "ade83885-dd1b-4649-8cb2-8be6e38e6630",

      "ipaddress": "",

      "islocalstorageactive": false,

      "lastpinged": "1970-01-16T13:46:42-0600",

      "managementserverid": 4278190080,

      "memoryallocated": 0,

      "memorytotal": 0,

      "name": "MyHost",

      "podid": "c9323a1d-3aa5-467c-90ac-e51569ee2f2d",

      "podname": "MyPod",

      "resourcestate": "Enabled",

      "state": "Alert",

      "type": "Routing",

      "version": "0.1",

      "zoneid": "16185b09-3358-4f47-9569-9148ba9c8d43",

      "zonename": "MyZone"






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