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From Rafael Weingartner <>
Subject Re: Erro: No remote endpoint to send command, check if host or ssvm is down?
Date Wed, 28 May 2014 14:26:50 GMT
Hi all,
sorry, to bother you again with this thread.
Could at least someone that has the CS 4.3.0 deployed try to download a
volume and/or a template?

Could someone also check the database, table “” and look if there
is an entry there for the running SSVM and console proxy VM?

On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 4:42 PM, Rafael Weingartner <> wrote:

> Hi folks, I am sending this to the dev list as well, hence I am not sure
> if it is or not a bug. Sorry if I am mistaken.
> So, after I upgraded CS from 4.1.1 to 4.3.0, everything seemed to be
> working just fine, however, whenever I try to download a template or volume
> I am getting the following error:
> ERROR [o.a.c.s.d.d.CloudStackImageStoreDriverImpl]
> (Job-Executor-1:ctx-1cb86faa ctx-61f7e4f9) No remote endpoint to send
> command, check if host or ssvm is down?
> ERROR [o.a.c.s.d.d.CloudStackImageStoreDriverImpl]
> (Job-Executor-1:ctx-1cb86faa ctx-61f7e4f9) Unable to create a link for
> entity at ... on ssvm,No remote endpoint to send command, check if host or
> ssvm is down
> I have already destroyed the system VMs in order to let CS recreate them
> with the new system VM template. I logged into the SSVM to check whether or
> not it was created using the new template and it indeed. Therefore, I have
> ruled out that problem.
> Then, I took a look into the source code, more specifically at
>  ",
> String, ImageFormat, DataObject)"
> and
> "".
> I noticed that it looks for an entry at table "" that has the
> type “SecondaryStorageVM”.
> I took a look into the DB, but, there are no entries either for SSVM or
> Console proxy in “” table. I mean no entries for the VMs that are
> running. The older VMs that were destroyed have an entry there.
> Have anyone seem a problem like this before?
> Is there something I am missing?
> The VMs are running, should not them be registered there?
> --
> Rafael Weingärtner

Rafael Weingärtner

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