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From Devdeep Singh <>
Subject [ACS 4.4] Cherry-pick for CLOUDSTACK-6802 and CLOUDSTACK-6810
Date Fri, 30 May 2014 10:01:37 GMT
Hi Daan,

Could you please cherry-pick commit f5ce280da32c4e0837fa39651dc801ba3f906e41 from 4.4-forward
branch to 4.4 branch.

commit f5ce280da32c4e0837fa39651dc801ba3f906e41
Author: Devdeep Singh <>
Date:   Tue May 20 11:40:51 2014 +0530

    CLOUDSTACK-6810: Fix storage migration of a vm with volume on local was failing. When
a plan
    with hostid included was passed to the local storage pool allocator, it returned all the
    storage pools in the cluster, instead of just the local pool on the given host in the
    This was happening the search at a host level was happening only for data disk. Fixed
    Additionally, the query to list the storage pools on a host was failing if the pool did
    tags. Fixed the query too.

    CLOUDSTACK-6802: Fix for not being able to attach data disk on local. This issue gets
    with the above issue too. The query to list pools on a host was failing if there were
    tags on the storage pool.


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