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From sebgoa <>
Subject Git mirrors
Date Wed, 28 May 2014 19:35:57 GMT
In case no-one as noticed :)

Apache infra modified the way the asf git repos get mirrored on github, it is now almost immediate.

This is quite nice because cloning from github is actually much faster than from asf git.

It is also very nice because our docs are built on using the github mirror.

When we make a commit to the docs, as soon as it gets mirrored on github it triggers a build
of the docs and if it passes, it gets published.

Let me also use this to remind you that we accept github pull request for docs contribution.
Either go to readthedocs ( and click on the 'edit
on github' or go directly to the mirrors:

I will also point out that the translators are working hard. "China" has finished translating
the admin and installation doc.
I have not pushed it live yet, but you can see a preview at:

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