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From ilya musayev <>
Subject Re: [API][CLOUDMONKEY] - looking for example on creating entire zone with everything else
Date Tue, 06 May 2014 01:17:16 GMT
Hi Alena,

Thanks for the response -it is for Advanced Shared Zone (no vpc), i 
figured i will probably have to do this on my own. If you can share the 
api calls in the meantime, it would certainly help. I will get the delta's.

Or just high level overview of what commands/components need to be 


On 5/5/14, 5:03 PM, Alena Prokharchyk wrote:
> Ilya, is it a basic zone or advance you are interested in? I have the
> stack of API calls for Advance zone, but it might miss some information
> that you might need - configuring traffic labels for example, number of
> physical networks, number of traffic types supported by each physical
> network, etc.
> If its something that you need to repeat often for the certain setup, I
> would suggest that the copying it from the firebug would be the best
> approach for you as only you know what needs to be set for your zone and
> to what details' extend.
> -Alena.
> On 5/5/14, 4:55 PM, "ilya musayev" <> wrote:
>> For the CloudStack Automation testing project, i'm looking for entire
>> flow of API commands or perhaps CloudMokey CLI equivalent commands to
>> mimic what Create a Zone Wizard does. VMware example would be ideal, but
>> i'm certain i can figure out difference if its not.
>> I know i can probably get the APIs from Chrome Debugger or Firefly in
>> mozilla, but it seems a bit excessive on the output.
>> Would anyone have it handy?
>> Thanks
>> ilya

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