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From Thomas O'Dowd <>
Subject "Accounts" -> "Add Account" UI Question
Date Tue, 13 May 2014 03:00:59 GMT
When I delete an account, I get a notification. Should the same not work
for adding an account? I'm using 4.3.

I've never really played with javascript, jquery or ajax before but just
looking the the code in the debugger I'm wondering if the following is
not a problem. Maybe something obvious that I don't quite understand :-)

In accountsWizard.js
                    } else {
                            url: createURL('createAccount' + array1.join("")),
                            dataType: "json",
                            async: false,
                            success: function(json) {
                                var item = json.createaccountresponse.account;
                                    data: item
                            error: function(XMLHttpResponse) {

The code calls the function "args.response.success()" but looking at the
debugger args.response has no "success" function. It has
args.response.error() though.

In ui-custom/accountsWizard.js
                                } else {    
                                        context: context,
                                        data: data,
                                        isLdap: isLdap,
                                        username: username,
                                        response: {
                                            error: function(message) {
                                                if (message) {
                                                        message: message

It doesn't setup a response.success... Only response.error.

However, I would have expected that the call to the missing function
would cause some kind of javascript error on the console but nothing is

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