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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: Creating or customising OS type
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2014 10:35:15 GMT
On 23.04.2014 04:50, ilya musayev wrote:
> Nux,
> Pretext: This applies to VMware and could possible apply to KVM - but
> i'm not 100% certain on that - so its an educated guess of things you
> can try.
> I see 2 ways of addressing your problem.

Thanks Ilya,

> 1) If VMs are already in cloudstack, but have the wrong SCSI adapter,
> i'm under assumption you can alter the cloud.user_vm_details table for
> each respective VM id. I would use Windows host as an example to trace
> one flow. Once the change is made, power down the vm through
> cloudstack and start it back up.

For some reason this table in my case is almost empty:

> 2) If you building out the VMs via templates, when you go through
> import process, you can try altering vm_details tag. For example this
> is how i did it in cloudmonkey:
> register template format=ova hypervisor=vmware name=OL63-26-TMPLT
> url= ispublic=true
> isfeatured=true passwordenabled=false
> details[0].rootDiskController=scsi details[0].nicAdapter=E1000
> details[0].keyboard=us ostypeid=148 zoneid=-1
> displaytext=OL63-26-TMPLT
> see if you can change details[0].rootDiskController=scsi to
> details[0].rootDiskController=virtio

I'll go this route and see if it helps. Thanks a lot!


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