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From Murali Reddy <>
Subject [ACS4.4] cherry pick fix for CLOUDSTACK-6507, CLOUDSTACK-6507
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2014 09:21:16 GMT
Please cheery-pick below 4.4-forward commits in to 4.4

commit 380998aa4f1b1b7e778dbf47c12f303bfbf39e3a
Author: Murali Reddy <>
Date:   Fri Apr 25 14:44:43 2014 +0530

    CLOUDSTACK-6507: ensure sequence numbers are honoured while processing
    OvsVpcPhysicalTopologyConfigCommand and
    fix ensures only latest updates are applied (new openflow rules) to the
    bidge enabled for distributed routing.

commit 771d1346d1bd9b64a5eba17bc37134fba5a3112d
Author: Murali Reddy <>
Date:   Fri Apr 25 14:36:31 2014 +0530

    CLOUDSTACK-6505: XenServer bridge for the OVS tunnel network gets reset
    on the hosts in the xenserver cluster
    this fix ensures that brige is created only once so that openflow rules
    configured on the bridge are not lost.

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