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From Min Chen <>
Subject [ACS44] cherry pick 3 bug fixes
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2014 01:25:31 GMT
Hi Hugo/Daan,

	Could you please cherry-pick the following 3 bug fixes from 4.4-forward
to 4.4?

1. Commit 5728ed33e9dd09d0d3ac42b5d82da42b37641519
   CLOUDSTACK-6501:IAM - DomainAdmin - When listVirtualMachines is used
with listall=true and account and domainId , Vms owned by the account
account is not listed.

2. Commit 4f2a20f7b35c2a250614b7cf32879d7bb87b7a62
   CLOUDSTACK-6502:IAMGroup.list and IAMPolicy.list in marvin are
not working.  (This is needed to write IAM marvin test)

3. Commit f3e9c84cddbc0ab7b89f8000dd0db42ba1570d28
   CLOUDSTACK-6478: Failed to download Template when having 3 SSVM's in one
zone on Vmware.  (I requested this two days back, you have some questions
about commit, and I have answered)


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