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From Murali Reddy <>
Subject Re: [4.4] Current State
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2014 06:49:41 GMT

Are you running XS 6.2? Have not tried latest 4.4, but last week with
plain XenServer 6.2 I am running into several xapi errors after the commit
1439c69b7e4396d0b8b26076585c6465e44624f3 to remove XAPI jar.

I able to run 4.4 with XenServer 6.2 fine with the previous commit
3ee55cd17b941b1fdb1e0bb150bebfb8ece8155d though.

On 07/04/14 11:47 AM, "Mike Tutkowski" <>

>Sorry for all the e-mails today. I must have spent 6 hours (to no avail)
>trying to get 4.4 into a usable state with XenServer or VMware so that I
>could demo a 4.4 feature for a customer tomorrow.
>Is anyone else experiencing massive issues getting a cloud up and running
>with current 4.4?
>Perhaps it's my imagination, but it seems for being past feature freeze
>that the code should be a lot more reliable.
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>*Senior CloudStack Developer, SolidFire Inc.*
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