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From Santhosh Edukulla <>
Subject RE: [Merge]: marvin branch to master
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2014 05:45:57 GMT
1. After successful creation of datacenter, deploydatacenter will export the created configuration,
so this basically is the serialized information of entries created with their ids.

2. Delete only deletes the datacenter and not recreate, all the previous exported configuration
while creating, will be used for deleting. Basically, the export or import configuration is
not from CS, it is what deployDatacenter exported when it created a datacenter, so exporting
for one zone etc is not possible.

Doc: Yes, we will update wherever applicable. 

From: Rajani Karuturi []
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2014 12:40 AM
Cc: Srikanteswararao Talluri
Subject: Re: [Merge]: marvin branch to master

Hi Santosh,

What is the command to export the current datacenter configuration? Is this added only to
help delete?

looks like delete is actually delete and recreate. Is there a way to just delete? If I have
more than one zone configured and want to delete one of them, is it possible?

post merge, it would be good to update the existing [marvin doc]

Happy merging…

[marvin doc]


On 16-Apr-2014, at 11:18 pm, Santhosh Edukulla <<>>

Hi Team,

We would like to merge marvin branch changes to master. We did few changes as mentioned below.
We rebased it against master and tested the changes we did.


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