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From Sebastien Goasguen <>
Subject [ACS4.5] move from xen 2 xenserver
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2014 07:35:45 GMT

I just applied a patch from Tim Mackey:;a=commit;h=748b575af8a66c58b0d52e7457e4d4e1e875231f

commit: 748b575af8a66c58b0d52e7457e4d4e1e875231f 

This followed a [PROPOSAL] thread [1]

This was pushed into a separate branch: xen2server

This is a significant change that we should get consensus on and merge to master relatively
quickly to avoid any conflicts later on.

Basically, we have been treating xen and xenserver the same so far, since the integration
with Xen (i.e Xen Project) was/is done via xapi.

There has been discussion to integrate with Xen using straight up libvirt, by creating a new
Xen agent probably based on the KVM agent and there was some discussion to that effect in
the Denver Hackathon.

Making a clear split between Xen and Xenserver type of hypervisors will help support different
integration methods.

I have asked Tim (in the review message) to create a wiki page, discussing all of this, but
I wanted to give a heads up that this just hit the repo and that we should see a [MERGE] thread

thoughts, flames ?



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