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From France <>
Subject Re: ALARM - ACS reboots host servers!!!
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2014 08:06:20 GMT
I'm also interested in this issue.
Can any1 from developers confirm this is expected behavior?

On 2/4/14 2:32 PM, Andrei Mikhailovsky wrote:
> Coming back to this issue.
> This time to perform the maintenance of the nfs primary storage I've plated the storage
in question in the Maintenance mode. After about 20 minutes ACS showed the nfs storage is
in Maintenance. However, none of the virtual machines with volumes on that storage were stopped.
I've manually stopped the virtual machines and went to upgrade and restart the nfs server.
> A few minutes after the nfs server shutdown all of my host servers went into reboot killing
all vms!
> Thus, it seems that putting nfs server in Maintenance mode does not stop ACS agent from
restarting the host servers.
> Does anyone know a way to stop this behaviour?
> Thanks
> Andrei
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> From: "France" <>
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> Sent: Monday, 3 March, 2014 9:49:28 AM
> Subject: Re: ALARM - ACS reboots host servers!!!
> I believe this is a bug too, because VMs not running on the storage, get
> destroyed too:
> Issue has been around for a long time, like with all others I reported.
> They do not get fixed:
> We even lost assignee today.
> Regards,
> F.
> On 3/3/14 6:55 AM, Koushik Das wrote:
>> The primary storage needs to be put in maintenance before doing any upgrade/reboot
as mentioned in the previous mails.
>> -Koushik
>> On 03-Mar-2014, at 6:07 AM, Marcus <> wrote:
>>> Also, please note that in the bug you referenced it doesn't have a
>>> problem with the reboot being triggered, but with the fact that reboot
>>> never completes due to hanging NFS mount (which is why the reboot
>>> occurs, inaccessible primary storage).
>>> On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 5:26 PM, Marcus <> wrote:
>>>> Or do you mean you have multiple primary storages and this one was not
>>>> in use and put into maintenance?
>>>> On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 5:25 PM, Marcus <> wrote:
>>>>> I'm not sure I understand. How do you expect to reboot your primary
>>>>> storage while vms are running?  It sounds like the host is being
>>>>> fenced since it cannot contact the resources it depends on.
>>>>> On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 3:24 PM, Nux! <> wrote:
>>>>>> On 02.03.2014 21:17, Andrei Mikhailovsky wrote:
>>>>>>> Hello guys,
>>>>>>> I've recently came across the bug CLOUDSTACK-5429 which has rebooted
>>>>>>> all of my host servers without properly shutting down the guest
>>>>>>> I've simply upgraded and rebooted one of the nfs primary storage
>>>>>>> servers and a few minutes later, to my horror, i've found out
that all
>>>>>>> of my host servers have been rebooted. Is it just me thinking
so, or
>>>>>>> is this bug should be fixed ASAP and should be a blocker for
any new
>>>>>>> ACS release. I mean not only does it cause downtime, but also
>>>>>>> data loss and server corruption.
>>>>>> Hi Andrei,
>>>>>> Do you have HA enabled and did you put that primary storage in maintenance
>>>>>> mode before rebooting it?
>>>>>> It's my understanding that ACS relies on the shared storage to perform
HA so
>>>>>> if the storage goes it's expected to go berserk. I've noticed similar
>>>>>> behaviour in Xenserver pools without ACS.
>>>>>> I'd imagine a "cure" for this would be to use network distributed
>>>>>> "filesystems" like GlusterFS or CEPH.
>>>>>> Lucian
>>>>>> --
>>>>>> Sent from the Delta quadrant using Borg technology!
>>>>>> Nux!

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