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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: Creating or customising OS type
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2014 22:43:20 GMT
On 24.04.2014 17:28, Marcus wrote:
> I like the idea of it. I don't like the magic strings in 'details', 
> but it
> sounds like VMware supports it so this patch allows for it as well. It
> seems pretty useful to be able to specify the desired nic/storage 
> driver
> when registering a template, rather than just saying 'all CentOS is 
> virtio
> nic and virtio disk', especially with upcoming things like 
> virtio-scsi,
> where newer operating systems will have multiple good options to 
> choose
> from.
> If you need to build your own agent, you can use this patch:

I've patched ACS with this and generated a new set of RPMs, after the 
update however I was not only unable to create the custom type, but all 
templates failed.
See agent logs here:

This is how I added the template:
cloudmonkey register template 
ostypeid=73188ae8-a44f-11e3-bae5-f6145f6a2f37 passwordenabled=true 
isfeatured=true ispublic=true 
name=virto_e1000_50 hypervisor=kvm 
zoneid=a6572c99-b268-4a6b-8bd0-bf2cafa4c04b format=qcow2 
details[0].rootDiskController=virtio displaytext=virto_e1000_50

"ostypeid=73188ae8-a44f-11e3-bae5-f6145f6a2f37" means Windows 2008.


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