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From Alex Huang <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Better XenServer support in 4.4....
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2014 21:45:34 GMT
I've talked about this all the way back when we were in Amsterdam and now it's finally done.
 Tina (Konstantina Chremmou) checked in a patch that removes CloudStack's own copy of XenServerJava
source code and submitted a copy of the xen-api.jar into the maven repository.   Since xen-api.jar
is backwards compatible with previous versions of XenServer, only one copy of such jar is

For those of you not familiar with this, CloudStack keeps its own copy of three files that
really belongs to XenServer:
	- xen-api.jar: CloudStack modified the source code to add a client side timeout to fault
isolate CloudStack from XenServer if the XenServer control layer runs into trouble.
	- vhd-util: The copy of vhd-util shipped with XenServer is old and does not provide the functionality
to change the parent id of the vhd file.
	- XenServer's copy always creates a subdirectory and utilize that subdirectory
for its vm images.  CloudStack needed one that doesn't create a subdirectory.

With the release of hot fix XS62ESP1004, XenSever has incorporated all of CloudStack's changes
for the three files.  Unfortunately, these changes are not back-ported to previous versions
so CloudStack will only utilize the new changes against XenSever 6.2 + SP1 + XS62ESP1004.
 There is a new resource,, that was added in 4.3 to work with this
exact XenServer patch level.  Unfortunately, the xen-api.jar couldn't make it in time for
the 4.3 release so we still had to keep our own copy of the source code in 4.3.

The most obvious change for developers and users is that they no longer have to download the
vhd-util in order for CloudStack to work with XenServer 6.2 + SP1 + XS62ESP1004.  Note that
CloudStack's version of vhd-util is still needed for all previous versions of XenServer. 

For users who have deployed previous versions of CloudStack, it may be wise to remove all
copies of the CloudStack's copy of the xen-api.jar from their maven cache and deployments.

To download patch XS62ESP1004, see [1].  To download SP1 for XenServer 6.2, see [2].

My sincere thanks to the XenServer team in making this change happen.



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