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From Amogh Vasekar <>
Subject Re: Congrats on 4.3 release!
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2014 21:19:47 GMT
Typo, master commit is :;h=09c3753


On 3/27/14 1:00 PM, "Amogh Vasekar" <> wrote:

>Hi Remi,
>Thanks for bringing this up.
>I looked up the commit made and seems like one of the files -
>ConsoleProxyInfo, is missing from the commit in 4.3. It made it to the
>master though.
>4.3 :;h=ec4db7b
>Master : 
>Can you please commit the file so that it makes it to the maintenance
>The current work around is to remove the "*" from config :
>I will update the bug accordingly.
>On 3/27/14 10:47 AM, "Remi Bergsma" <> wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>Just a quick note we upgraded one of our cloud environments (~600 vms)
>>today to 4.3 and it all went smooth. We had a little issue
>>(CLOUDSTACK-6293) with the custom SSL cert on the console proxy you might
>>want to have a look at.
>>The GUI looks great and "feels" faster. The little "feature" that
>>re-creates router vms on reboot REALLY saved us a lot of time. Cool!
>>Thanks for your hard work and congratulations on what looks like a great
>>release! :-)
>>Kind regards,
>>Remi Bergsma

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