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From Nitin Mehta <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] ROOT volume detach - feature for CS 4.5
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2014 19:52:17 GMT
Hi Alena,

I guess the part 1) can already be taken care of by restoreVirtualMachine
api - donĀ¹t you think ?


On 24/03/14 11:37 AM, "Alena Prokharchyk" <>

>I would like to propose a new feature for CS 4.5 - "ROOT volume detach" -
>that enables support for following use cases:
>1) Replace current ROOT volume with the new one for  existing vm.
>2) Case when ROOT volume of vm1 gets corrupted, and you want to attach it
>to vm2 to run the recovery utils on it. With current CS implemntation,
>you have to perform several steps - create snapshot of vm1's volume,
>create volume from snapshot, attach volume to the vm2. New implementation
>will merge it all to one step.
>With the planned implementation, once the ROOT volume is detached, it can
>be attached to any existing vm (with respect to Admin/Domain/Physical
>resources limitations), either as a DataDisk or a Root disk.
>Amazon EC2 already has this functionality in place, so I think CS would
>only benefit from having it. Storage experts (Edison, others) please
>raise your concerns if you have any, or if you see any potential problems
>with the planned implementation. And if anyone can think of other use
>cases this feature can possible solve, I would appreciate this input as
>Feature limitations:
>* ROOT volume can be detached only when vm is in Stopped state
>* CS will fail to start the vm not having a ROOT volume
>I will send out the link to the FS once I start getting feedback on the

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