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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: [MERGE] resize-root branch
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2014 05:01:13 GMT
I'll take a look. I wasn't the one who added the details map to, although I did add to it and can probably figure out what's
wrong. The original commit didn't change any deployVirtualMachine
calls. Can you give me an example of a test that is faling? Is it

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 5:43 PM, Min Chen <> wrote:
> Hi Marcus,
>         I found an issue with this merge, my previous marvin test is broken in
> deployVirtualMachine if no rootdisksize is passed. All previous marvin
> tests are written without passing this parameter. Can you take a look at
> to make sure that old marvin tests without passing those custom
> parameters are still working fine?
>         Thanks
>         -min
> On 3/11/14 1:17 PM, "Marcus" <> wrote:
>>I'd like to merge the resize-root branch for the requested feature of
>>being able to resize root volumes. I have pulled from master and
>>I should note that this feature is affected by an existing bug in
>>master that was introduced recently, breaking the existing data disk
>>resize feature on Ubuntu 12.04 + stock libvirt, but has otherwise been
>>tested to work with Ubuntu 12.04 + recent libvirt and CentOS 6.4,6.5.
>>We are discussing how to proceed with that separate issue on-list.
>>Integration tests were added for deploy in a new file
>>"" and existing resize tests were
>>extended to root volumes in the existing
>>Findbugs indicates there are no new issues introduced (220/220), as
>>reported by running the following on both master and resize-root. This
>>was just my stab in the dark at trying to make sense of the output in
>>absence of familiarity with findbugs:
>># mvn -P enablefindbugs verify
>># find . -name findbugs.xml -exec xmllint --format {} \; | grep -c

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