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From Santhosh Edukulla <>
Subject RE: [DOCS] update on move to rst
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2014 15:11:52 GMT


I believe still the docs are going changes. I found few issues at the docs link below.

1. At link,,
under section,
"Using an LDAP Server for User Authentication", there are few example urls overaligning the
page layout.

2. Few links are broken at the below release notes url: EX:
does not work gave some error. 

Some of the urls as well are over aligning the page EX: at bullet item 10 above release notes

Also, is it ok if some one( or I ) can run few tools to validate all links are not broken?
I tried editing few pages using Edit git from IE, it has thrown an error. 

From: Sebastien Goasguen []
Sent: Friday, February 07, 2014 5:02 PM
Subject: [DOCS] update on move to rst


A quick update on the move to .rst format.

We now have four repos for the docs:


All four are mirrored on github:

All four are built on from the github mirror

Building from the github mirror allows us to edit directly via github. In each site you will
see a 'edit on github' button in the top left, if you click on it it will fork the site on
your github account and you will be able to submit pull request. That's the main reason of
doing this and should help everyone with contributing to the docs.

The installation guide is almost cleaned-up. That means that the conversion to .rst is complete.
But no edits or docs correction have been made.
The administration guide is under going clean up
The release notes have had no clean up, I just did the conversion from the 4.3 branch
The cloudstack.rtd site contains the midonet/midokura and other smaller guides, it also has
some new guides: ansible, trouble shooting, autoscaling without netscaler.

David and I are going to setup the CNAMES in the coming days and finish the clean up of the
formatting on all guides.

If some of you want to help with the clean-up over the week end, go for it and start sending
pull requests.

Any help appreciated,


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