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From David Nalley <>
Subject Code quality, QA, etc
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2014 03:50:34 GMT
Hi folks,

We continue to break things large and small in the codebase, and after
a number of different conversations; I thought I'd bring that
discussion here.

First - coding quality is only one factor that the PMC considers when
making someone a committer.

Second - CloudStack is a huge codebase; has a ton of inter-related
pieces, and unintended consequences are easy.

We also have an pretty heady commit velocity - 20+ commits today alone.

Some communities have Review-then-commit - which would slow us down,
and presumably help us increase quality. However, I am not personally
convinced that it will do so measurably because even the most
experienced CloudStack developers occasionally break a build or worse.

We could have an automated pipeline that verifies a number of
different tests pass - before a patch/commit makes it into a mainline
branch. That is difficult with our current tooling; but perhaps
something worth considering.

At FOSDEM, Hugo and I were discussing his experiences with Gerrit and
OpenDaylight, and he thinks thats a viable option. I think it would
certainly be a step in the right direction.

Separately, Jake Farrell and I were discussing our git-related
proposal for ApacheCon, and broached the subject of Gerrit. Jake is
the current person bearing most of the load for git at the ASF, and
he's also run Gerrit in other contexts. He points out a number of
difficulties. (And I'd love for him to weigh in on this conversation,
hence the CC) He wants to expand RB significantly, including
pre-commit testing.

So - thoughts, comments, flames? How do we improve code quality, stop
needless breakage? Much of this is going to be cultural I think, and I
personally think we struggle with that. Many folks have voiced an
opinion about stopping continued commits when the build is broken; but
we haven't been able to do that.


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