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From "Sanjay Tripathi" <>
Subject Re: Review Request 17889: CLOUDSTACK-4762: Enabling vGPU support for XenServer.
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2014 08:24:38 GMT

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(Updated Feb. 20, 2014, 8:24 a.m.)

Review request for cloudstack, Alex Huang, Devdeep Singh, and Koushik Das.


Rebased with latest master.


Repository: cloudstack-git


CLOUDSTACK-4760 : Enabling GPU support for XenServer.
CLOUDSTACK-4762 : Enabling VGPU support for XenServer.
This feature is to enable the GPU-passthrough and vGPU functionality,
with the help of this feature, admins/users will be able to leverage
the GPU graphics unit power by deploying a virtul machine with GPU or
vGPU support or by changing the service offering of an existing VM
at any later point of time. There GPU/vGPU enabled VMs are able to run
graphical applications.
For now, this feature is only supported with XenServer hypervisor but
can be extended to add the support of other hypervisors.

Diffs (updated)

  api/src/com/cloud/agent/api/to/ PRE-CREATION 
  api/src/com/cloud/agent/api/to/ bed3e1d 
  api/src/com/cloud/gpu/ PRE-CREATION 
  api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/api/ 3699102 
  api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/api/command/admin/offering/ 6f9693c

  api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/api/response/ PRE-CREATION 
  api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/api/response/ e2d8eb5 
  api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/api/response/ 26ecb5b 
  api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/api/response/ PRE-CREATION 
  core/src/com/cloud/agent/api/ PRE-CREATION 
  core/src/com/cloud/agent/api/ PRE-CREATION 
  core/src/com/cloud/agent/api/ 626c87f 
  core/src/com/cloud/agent/api/ 6a29aa6 
  engine/components-api/src/com/cloud/resource/ 95fb385 
  engine/orchestration/src/com/cloud/vm/ 888c750 
  engine/schema/src/com/cloud/gpu/ PRE-CREATION 
  engine/schema/src/com/cloud/gpu/ PRE-CREATION 
  engine/schema/src/com/cloud/gpu/dao/ PRE-CREATION 
  engine/schema/src/com/cloud/gpu/dao/ PRE-CREATION 
  engine/schema/src/com/cloud/gpu/dao/ PRE-CREATION 
  engine/schema/src/com/cloud/gpu/dao/ PRE-CREATION 
  engine/schema/src/com/cloud/host/ 56c066b 
  engine/schema/src/com/cloud/host/dao/ 08a4366 
  engine/schema/src/com/cloud/service/ e1a1e93 
  plugins/hypervisors/xen/src/com/cloud/hypervisor/xen/resource/ 48ae3ea

  server/src/com/cloud/agent/manager/allocator/impl/ b77f8ac 
  server/src/com/cloud/api/ a23244b 
  server/src/com/cloud/api/query/dao/ 1b95d9b 
  server/src/com/cloud/api/query/dao/ 08478e2 
  server/src/com/cloud/configuration/ 1c1da1f 
  server/src/com/cloud/deploy/ 3c87b24 
  server/src/com/cloud/hypervisor/ 7fb79fa 
  server/src/com/cloud/network/ e9b0393 
  server/src/com/cloud/resource/ 79eb1cb 
  server/src/com/cloud/server/ 2a08ddc 
  server/src/com/cloud/server/ 548587c 
  server/src/com/cloud/storage/ 614834e 
  server/src/com/cloud/vm/ c53b95f 
  server/test/com/cloud/resource/ 5599e8c 
  server/test/com/cloud/vm/ 751a3bd 
  server/test/resources/createNetworkOffering.xml c6228da 
  setup/db/db/schema-430to440.sql a98df26 
  ui/scripts/configuration.js 6adbade 
  ui/scripts/instances.js 53c9e98 




1) Add a XS hosts with GPU cards.
2) Create a pool of XS hosts with GPU cards.
3) Create a pool of XS hosts which are GPU enabled as well which are not enabled.
4) Checke the values in both the tables and verify the no. of GPU cards, remaining capacity
5) Remove a host from a pool and the remaining capacity should get updated properly.  

1) Create a compute offering with GPU/vGPU capability.
2) Deploy HVM OS with this service offering.
3) In case of successful start of VM, remaining capacity should get updated correspondingly.
4) Stop the VM and verify the capacity.
5) Destroy the VM and verify the capacity.
6) If the hosts does not have capacity to deploy a gpu enabled VM, then CS throws the InsufficientServerCapacity
exception with proper error message in the logs.


Sanjay Tripathi

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