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From Nux! <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] 3rd round of voting for ASF 4.2.1 RC
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2014 18:44:30 GMT
On 03.01.2014 18:31, Edison Su wrote:
> Regarding to KVM binaries, in order to make volume snapshot working
> with cloudstack, we need KVM hypervisor support following features:
> 1. disk only snapshot, don't save vm memory(saving vm memory usually
> takes several seconds. In RHEL <6.3, it will even take few minutes for
> a vm with large memory. It means user vm will be paused for that long
> time, during snapshot, which may be not acceptable for many users).
> 2. be able to backup snapshot from primary storage to secondary 
> storage.
> Few years ago, I send two patches to KVM community:
> [1]
> [2]
> The [2] is already in KVM upstream, the [1] is not checked in at that
> time, but it's supported later on, with the so called "disk-only"
> snapshot.
> In ACS release, we(Citrix QA team) usually test it on RHEL 6, which
> doesn't have above functionalities, that's why I say the kvm snapshot
> is not supported by default. But if you are using latest kvm
> distribution, you will get this feature. Maybe we should support newer
> version of KVM distribution better, such as the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04
> etc?


This is a good idea, especially as RHEL7 is coming and it has pretty 
neat features.
Even with EL6 qemu-kvm-rhev that I built[1] most of this stuff is 
working great , even VM 
snapshots could be supported.
I'll probably get back to the list with more questions about how to 
enable VM snapshots later this week.

[1] -

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