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From Abhinandan Prateek <>
Subject Re: Revert "update packages list before getting jre 7"
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2014 16:58:23 GMT
I have reverted another related one
fc2e7ec70a1cc48a10a168ec3df607b49a7bcdf6, that was updating the jre to
version 7. 


On 17/01/14 10:11 pm, "Hugo Trippaers" <> wrote:

>Hey guys,
>I just reverted commit fa6536152a17dfd03b6eb10b2a1e0868fc9e134c
>The branch 4.3 is a release branch, not a playground. We are inches away
>from a release, this means that nothing goes into the branch without
>being expressly permitted by the release manager. This case is even worse
>as the change wasn┬╣t even made in master, the leading branch.
>Just a general reminder about the process.
>1. Create a ticket for your bug (if its not a bug, its not going to be in
>4.3 anyway)
>2. Make your changes in master
>3. Test them on master
>4. Send mail to dev list to ask permission from the release manager to
>back port to 4.3 and include the test result
>Please stick to this game plan, so we can have a speedy release of 4.3.

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