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From Aaron Delp <>
Subject Re: Trying to add Amazon S3 to CloudPlatform?
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2014 12:43:51 GMT
I agree with John. It's fine as implemented it just wasn't stated clearly in the documentation
(or the error message) and it appears we have a migration path in place for 4.3 when wanting
to convert from NFS to S3.


(+ @dev)


I don't think that the current implementation is a limitation or problem.  Region-wide storage
will impose certain constraints on secondary storage in contained zones to satisfy data consistency
and reliability requirements.  Therefore, it seems completely logically that region wide secondary
storage would prevent the contained zones from defining a potentially conflicting secondary
storage configuration.


On Jan 8, 2014, at 6:13 PM, Min Chen <<>>

Unfortunately, our current implementation cannot have two zones, one using NFS secondary,
the other using S3 secondary. We don't support heterogeneous secondary storages in a region
so far.


From: Aaron Delp <<>>
Date: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 3:10 PM
To: Min Chen <<>>, Tim Mackey <<>>,
Edison Su <<>>
Cc: John Burwell <<>>
Subject: Re: Trying to add Amazon S3 to CloudPlatform?

Ahhh – I thought you could only have one type of object storage (swift or S3) but you are
saying we can only have one kind of secondary no matter the type, correct?

Does this apply at the zone level or at the region level? We currently have one region, could
I create another zone in that region and put S3 as secondary in the new region and retain
my NFS in the existing region?  In the end could we have one region with two zones (one with
NFS secondary and one with S3 secondary)?

Thank you!!!

Aaron Delp
Senior Director Technical Marketing, Cloud Platform Group<> / 919-561-7904
blog:<> / twitter: @aarondelp

From: Min Chen <<>>
Date: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 6:02 PM
To: Aaron Delp <<>>, Timothy
Mackey <<>>, Edison Su
Cc: John Burwell <<>>
Subject: Re: Trying to add Amazon S3 to CloudPlatform?

Hi Aaron,

This is the current limitation of our support for using S3 as region-wide secondary storage.
In a cloud, if you add S3 as a secondary storage, you cannot have other zone-wide secondary
storage existing, in your case, you already have a NFS secondary storage there, so we will
prevent you from adding a S3 as secondary storage. If you want to use S3 as secondary storage,
then you can add your NFS as S3 staging store.


From: Aaron Delp <<>>
Date: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 2:43 PM
To: Tim Mackey <<>>,
Edison Su <<>>, Min Chen <<>>
Cc: John Burwell <<>>
Subject: Trying to add Amazon S3 to CloudPlatform?

Edison and Min – We have Citrix Summit coming up next week and we are trying to add Amazon
S3 backed secondary storage to Tim Mackey's lab (copied).  I reached out to John and he helped
me understand some things but I'm at a stopping point and he suggested you might be able to
help out.

We have an NFS share on a NetApp array (/vol/exports/temp) that I can add as secondary storage
with an NFS type. When I try to add the same scratch area and put in all my S3 credentials
I get the following error: You can only add new image stores from the same provider NFS already
added. I don't understand that error and I'm not sure how to proceed. It pops up even if I
add bogus NFS paths. We're on a pretty tight time line and we hoping you might be able to
lend a hand.

I'm also going to post to the CloudStack User list (this is CCP 4.2 though) and see what happens
over there.

Thank you!

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