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From Animesh Chaturvedi <>
Subject RE: [ACS 4.3] RC update
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2014 06:08:20 GMT

Today is the scheduled RC date for ACS 4.3 We are very close with just a few lingering issues

| Jayapal Reddy        | CLOUDSTACK-5848 : [Upgrade3.0.6-4.3]"Unable to parse VLAN tag" message
when network associated with SRX external firewall device is rebooted.                   
| edison su            | CLOUDSTACK-5831 : As regular user , when trying to take a snapshot
, snapshot succeeds but user is presented with "The given command does not exist or it is
not available for user" message.             |
| Unassigned           | CLOUDSTACK-5743 : Download ROOT Volume when the VM is in stopped
state is failing with "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /userdata/e914903a-070b-4ee3-b217-f07dbc8bc72a.vhd/
on this server" |
| Likitha Shetty       | CLOUDSTACK-5707 : Hitting multiple exceptions when the Vsphere client
is upgraded to 5.5 from 5.1                                                              
| Daan Hoogland        | CLOUDSTACK-5502 : [Automation] createVlanIpRange API failing, if
you pass VLAN                                                                            
| Marcus Sorensen      | CLOUDSTACK-5432 : [Automation] Libvtd getting crashed and agent going
to alert start                                                                           
| Sateesh Chodapuneedi | CLOUDSTACK-5408 : [Automation] Failed to deploy vm in vmware environment
with error "due to Cannot run program "mount": error=12,
Cannot allocate memory"       |
| Wei Zhou             | CLOUDSTACK-5144 : [Automation]: Basic Zone Security Groups - SSH
to VM is allowed even when there is no ingress rule defined for the security group       

If you have not played with 4.3 yet please take it for a spin and call out any critical issues,
I plan to build an RC early next week. 


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From: Animesh Chaturvedi [] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2014 10:51 AM
Subject: [ACS 4.3] RC update


Happy new year everyone. I hope you all had a good recharging time off during holiday. I want
to bring our attention and focus to getting the 4.3 release out the door. While our scheduled
RC date is this Friday 1/10 but we still have many open blocker and critical. Please review
your backlog of issues and bring them to resolution ASAP and provide a "Due Date" in the bug.
 We need to absolutely make sure upgrades are working. If you encounter upgrade issue please
file them as blockers. I will escalate all current upgrade issues to blocker.

For the most recent release status please visit the 4.3 Release Dashboard [1].  I am following
up on individual issues directly in JIRA so do watch JIRA emails



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