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From Hugo Trippaers <>
Subject snapshot releases for checkstyle and xapi
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2014 07:18:47 GMT

pulling this into a separate discussion from the release discussion.

The idea with -SNAPSHOT releases is that maven knows that this version is under active development
and it should always try to download a more recent build. Hence in your master branch all
releases will be tagged with SNAPSHOT. However this doesn’t mean that we have to depend
on these particular snapshot versions in other parts of the code. In fact in our case it might
be a better idea to put a stable version of both xapi and checkstyle in the maven repository
and depend on those versions.

My proposal would be to build and distribute (to the apache maven repo) version xapi 5.6.100-1
and checkstyle 1.0.0 as stable versions. Update the dependencies in the other poms to those
particular versions. Then update the master branch and set the module version to version 5.6.100-2-SNAPSHOT
on xapi and 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT on checkstyle. That way all parts of cloudstack would still reference
the stable version of those projects (including the master branch). If we ever need to update
we can change master to point to the snapshot version, update and release.


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