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From Hugo Trippaers <>
Subject mycila maven-license-plugin?
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2014 12:03:59 GMT

In the past there have been several occasions where people missed the required headers when
committing a files (and a disproportionate amount of those commits were mine ;-) ). Look at
how other projects solve that issue i ran into the mycila license plugin. This is a maven
plugin that does the check and can easily be configured to run as part of a module build.
One of the nice things is the format goal, which will actually fix all sources to comply with
the header as defined in the configuration.

I’ve taken the liberty of implementing this check for both the nvp and the opendaylight
plugin. Actually the open daylight plugin was developed with the goal set to format. Allowing
me to never have to worry about the license headers at all. 

My proposal would be to add this plugin in check mode to the other modules as well. However
due to small changes in the way the plugin parses the files we would need to update the headers
of most files in the repo. the plugin expects the last line of the header to be //<EOL>
and currently we don’t have that. This can be fixed by using the format goal on the module.
If we think this is a way forward,i’ll start doing the updates to the other modules.

For external plugin developers this should be easy as well. Just make sure the parent pom
is set to cloudstack main pom and you’ll get both the license and the checkstyle configuration


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