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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: KVM memory overprovision breaking me
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2014 10:15:15 GMT
On 28.01.2014 09:56, Bharat Kumar wrote:
> Hi,
> The calculations when overcommitting are on a per VM basis. I am not
> sure if these will be valid when using KSM.
> IMO KSM is applicable to a set of VMs not a single VM. so how do we
> keep track of how much free memory is actually available on the host.
> This was not problem in case of ballooning as we knew upfront about
> the limits that we want to set on a per VM basis.

The problem with ballooning is that it depends in you having exclusive 
root access on the VMs and on running an agent inside the VMs (it doesnt 
even work for all OSes afaik).
This is a very particular situation and for people who want to sell 
cloudstack to the public it's a no-go.
I would be very happy if ACS allowed me to set an overprovisioning 
factor and then let me use KSM without having to mess with the VMs. 
Available memory on the hypervisor could be tracked by standard linux 
utils via the agent (`free`?).

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