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From Wido den Hollander <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Potential removal of OpenJDK and Tomcat from Ubuntu main
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2014 21:53:52 GMT

James Page from Canonical just pointed me to a thread [0] on the Ubuntu 
Cloud list where the discussion started to remove OpenJDK7/Tomcat from 
Ubuntu main.

He asked me what the impact would be regarding to CloudStack if users 
would have to fetch OpenJDK and Tomcat from a 3rd party repo, so I 
quickly responded that it would hurt the Ubuntu users running CloudStack.

For now it looks like OpenJDK and Tomcat will stay in Ubuntu's main 
repository, but for me it sparked the discussion again around Java 7.

We can be pretty sure that distributions will be dropping Java 6 pretty 
soon, so want to change the Maven settings to force Java 7 in the master 

We should also start testing with Tomcat 7 since we can expect Ubuntu 
14.04 (the next LTS) to only have that tomcat version.

We've been over the Java 7 switch over and over, so I recommend we 
simply switch master.

I'll start a different thread about that later with a ANNOUNCE in it.



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