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From Prasanna Santhanam <>
Subject Re: [ACS 4.3] RC update
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2014 09:03:12 GMT
On Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 04:17:55PM -0500, Sebastien Goasguen wrote:
> On Jan 13, 2014, at 1:08 PM, Santhosh Edukulla <> wrote:
> > 1. requests package and nosetests2.7 are required to work with
> > tests.
> > 
> > 2. As such Simulator (as mentioned below ) works and so inquired
> > to remove it from blocker, but its the profile which needs changes
> > and so mentioned below notes to fix the profile if agreed.
> > Anyways, however way. we decide and agreed to go, we will fix it.
> > 
> Yes please fix the profile -don't remove it-

Yeah - although not many people use the profile, if it's not too hard
to fix it, we should fix it. Right now, the jenkins jobs do not use
the profile and use nose to directly run the deploy script.

However, I'd recommend backporting marvin's dependency on python2.7 so
it can be run on any python>2.4. All that is required is to have
cloudstackTestCase inherit from unittest2 [1]. IMO, this will reduce a
lot of pain for those trying out marvin for the first time, going
through the tutorial and attempting to write tests using it.


The marvin_refactor branch is a significant shift from the current
marvin design. It was meant to make test writing faster using
factories. This was something that Santosh had expressed concerns
about to me while I was at Citrix. I had not merged it at the time
also because of lack of time and inclination as I had decided to move
away from the project.  So, unless there is interest now in that
direction to revive the effort, we should probably use a different
topic branch for any other changes.

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