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From Abhinandan Prateek <>
Subject Re: file not found error while VM deploy
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2013 14:25:39 GMT
In the c.c.h.h.r.HypervDirectConnectResource the ssh command is executed
using /root/ pathŠneed to change it to match where the
script is.

On 04/12/13 7:38 pm, "Rajesh Battala" <> wrote:

>Hi All,
>I had generated a new systemvm template from Jenkins systemvm64-master
>Using that template I had created a VR. When instance is getting deployed
>am getting error
>INFO  [c.c.h.h.r.HypervDirectConnectResource]
>(DirectAgent-142:ctx-34ca54bd) dhcp_entry command on domain router
> completed
>INFO  [c.c.h.h.r.HypervDirectConnectResource]
>(DirectAgent-58:ctx-5fd5555c) Executing resource SavePasswordCommand.
>vmName: VM-1350aaab-9d1c-4a9e-a04a-5b3b92a5f5e5, vmIp:,
>password: f*************
>ERROR [c.c.u.s.SshHelper] (DirectAgent-58:ctx-5fd5555c) SSH execution of
>command /root/  -v -p fnirq_cnffjbeq has an
>error status code in return. result output: bash: /root/
>No such file or directory
>ERROR [c.c.h.h.r.HypervDirectConnectResource]
>(DirectAgent-58:ctx-5fd5555c) savepassword command on domain router
> failed, message: bash: /root/ No such file
>or directory
>In the systemvm generated from the jenksin job I had observer
>"" is not present in "/root".
>My mgmt. server is on 4.3 and am not able to deploy instance because of
>this issue.
>Any pointers?
>Rajesh Battala

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