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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Cloudstack network-element plugin(ver 4.2) to orchestrate Juniper's switches
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2013 07:39:06 GMT
It looks like plugin discovery is in 4.3

On 12/2/13 11:34 PM, "Pradeep Cloudstack" <>

>Hi Chiradeep,
>is there a way for existing customers of Cloudstack(say running 4.2) to
>try out our plugin?
>like say deploying a war file in Tomcat container etc
>On Tuesday, December 3, 2013 12:33 PM, Chiradeep Vittal
><> wrote:
>I think this is a great idea. However 4.2 is closed for new features (as
>also 4.3). 
>On 12/2/13 3:23 AM, "Pradeep Cloudstack" <>
>>my name is Pradeep HK and I am from Juniper Networks, Bangalore.
>>I am leading an effort to implement Cloudstack(based on 4.2)
>>network-element plugin to orchestrate Juniper's switches.
>>As a first-cut, we are focussing on L2 services and we have written a
>>NetworkGuru. As part of it's implement() method we will:
>>(1)Create the required logical interfaces on the Juniper switches
>>(2)Create the required VLANs on the Juniper switches (EX,QFX).
>>(3)Configure VLAN membership on the interfaces
>>Our customers need this plugin in Cloudstack deployments to automatically
>>orchestrate the Juniper switches to create Virtual Networks.
>>Without this plugin, there will be a manual intervention needed to
>>configure the switches (after figuring out the
>>current configuration of the switch).
>>We have a Network Management Platform (called JUNOS SPACE) which is
>>heavily used by customers to orchestrate  Juniper's  networking devices.
>>It also exposes REST-ful APIs for integration with 3rdParty tools.
>>The proposed Juniper's Cloudstack network-element plugin leverages these
>>REST-ful APIs to appropriately orchestrate Juniper's switches to
>>create Virtual Networks
>>In that direction, I need:
>>(1)Your comments/suggestions
>>(2)For existing deployments of Cloudstack, is there a standard means to
>>deploy the Plugin ?

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