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From Daan Hoogland <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS][PROPOSAL]root admin api to deploy default system vm
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2013 09:56:32 GMT

I do appreciate the cause you are championing but is this to be part
of the cloudstack core? shouldn't this functionality be an add-on that
can be optionally installed (using it's own template)?


On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 8:38 AM, Saurav Lahiri
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently looking into cloudstack-3471 , wiki link beolw.
> (
> ).
> As part of it I was was planning on deploying and using default system vms
> to host
> the logstash+elasticsearch indexing/searching layer. After a bit of
> investigation it
> appears that in cloudstack currently there is no way to deploy and start
> default
> system vms. Is that correct. If thats the case I am proposing a root admin
> API to
>  deploy a default system vm. The idea is that this system vm can be used to
> host
>  additional add on services by installing additional tools/packages as
> required.
>  For eg: for the logsearchservice , the api should first deploy and start
> default
> system vm , then additional configuration scripts will install and
> configure the
> (logstash and elasticsearch). This would be convenient for admininstrators
> and
> they can start querying cloudstack logs by jobid without requiring to
> download
> additional templates or worry about other dependencies like java. . The
> existing
> mechanism of using ssh port 3922 and link local ip address for
> communication
> with the system vm would still stand.
> Would greatly appreciate feedback/suggestions on this proposal.
> Thanks
> Saurav

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