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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Reporting tool for feeding back zone, pod and cluster information
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2013 20:49:59 GMT
Of course we must ensure proper treatment of this data (anonymization,
retention, removal, copyrights)

On 11/23/13 11:01 AM, "Wido den Hollander" <> wrote:

>I discussed this during CCCEU13 with David, Chip and Hugo and I promised
>I put it on the ml.
>My idea is to come up with a reporting tool which users can run daily
>which feeds us back information about how they are using CloudStack:
>* Hypervisors
>* Zone sizes
>* Cluster sizes
>* Primary Storage sizes and types
>* Same for Secondary Storage
>* Number of management servers
>* Version
>This would ofcourse be anonimized where we would send one file with JSON
>data back to our servers where we can proccess it to do statistics.
>The tool will obviously be open source and participating in this will be
>opt-in only.
>We currently don't know what's running out there, so that would be great
>to know.
>Some questions remain:
>* Who is going to maintain the data?
>* Who has access to the data?
>* How long do we keep it?
>* Do we do logging of IPs sending the data to us?
>I certainly do not want to spy on our users, so that's why it's opt-in
>and the tool should be part of the main repo, but I think that for us as
>a project it's very useful to know what our users are doing with

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