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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] in CloudStack
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2013 02:37:17 GMT
Hi Tuna,

I boldly diagrammed out what we talked about here:

The idea is to keep the monitoring part separate from the autoscale
So, the monitoring can be SNMP/RRD/whatever.

Scale-up using reconfiguration then becomes a mere matter of modifying the
autoscale service.

On 11/25/13 8:57 AM, "tuna" <> wrote:

>Hi guys,
>At CCCEU13 I talked about the AutoScale without NetScaler feature working
>with XenServer & XCP. For anyone don¹t know about this feature, take a
>look into my slide here:
>Chiradeep and I had a short talk after the presentation about how to
>improve the AutoScale feature in future. We agreed that:
>+ Need to remove Load Balancing feature from AutoScaling. That¹s very
>simple to do.
>+ Need to use SNMP for monitoring not only instance-level but also
>+ Also, supporting well KVM hypervisor
>So, I blow up this thread for all of you guys to discuss the way we
>design that feature, such as:
>+ technical side, how to integrate effectively SNMP into CLoudStack.
>Where do we put SNMP monitor components into infrastructure? etc
>+ user experience, how user configure that feature with SNMP monitoring.
>I image that user can figure out they need AutoScale for which of
>following items: application, protocol (tcp, udp), port, bandwidth, disk,
>cpu and memory also, etc
>+ How about autoscale action, not just only deploy or destroy VM, we need
>maybe dynamically increase-decrease memory/cpu, nic bandwidth, disk,Š
>Personally, we should think about a completely autoscaling feature.

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