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From Nitin Mehta <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Ability to control the external facing id of CS resources
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2013 17:20:13 GMT
Please find the first draft of the Functional Spec.


On 19/11/13 3:18 PM, "Nitin Mehta" <> wrote:

>Admin should have the ability to control the external facing id of their
>resources (first class objects). This is important for the admins to have
>better control over their clouds
>say in case of emergencies when he/she wants to recover their resources.
>For this I propose that all the resource creation/updation API's need to
>be altered to take in the custom resource id in case the admin wants a
>custom id.
>Please note the following for the custom ids :-
>  *   This is an optional field and if not set, CS will use its existing
>custom logic to assign the resource id. If the CS id generation collides
>with the custom id, it will retry.
>  *   They have to be unique for the particular type of resource.
>  *   They will have to follow the UUID format.
>  *   This is external Id change only and MS refers to all the objects
>through the DB ids.
>I have created a JIRA item [1] for this and will come out with the FS
>soon. The work will be done for the release post 4.3 release.
>Please do share your suggestions/concerns on this.

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