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From Nitin Mehta <>
Subject Re: Entity UUID and Type missing on ActionEvent event notifications
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2013 19:37:11 GMT
David - CallContext gets created during the entry point of the API.
I haven't had the chance to completely investigate but I am hoping that
you can push the UUID then or on completion of the API (in case where you
are creating the actual resource).
See if that works else there is no other way out.

Another feedback on Rabbit MQ would be to push the list of all the first
class objects (UUIDs) that are affected  in the event description if
possible. Say user invokes attachVolume to a vm. It would be good to
always push vm uuid.
Just putting in the volume uuid necessitates another call to CS and also
that this was attach volume operation.


On 20/11/13 8:23 AM, "David Grizzanti" <> wrote:

>Thanks for the feedback and info on the existing bug filed for this.
>Nitin - I was originally thinking along the lines of what Murali has
>recently commented (i.e. adding Entity Details in the UserContext in all
>the places where an Action Event is generated).  The particular case I
>was using this for when I found the issue was for creating a network,
>which is not an async job.  The AsyncJobManager I believe it generating a
>different type of event that what I was originally looking at.
>Let me know your thoughts.
>David Grizzanti
>Software Engineer
>Sungard Availability Services
>w: 215.446.1431
>c: 570.575.0315
>On November 20, 2013 at 2:45:50 AM, Murali Reddy
>( wrote:
>On 20/11/13 2:15 AM, "David Grizzanti" <>
>>Hi All,  
>>I noticed that the event messages going to rabbitmq of type
>>are missing any reference to the entity Id/UUID. Was this omission
>>intentional? Poking through the code, I was able to find that adding the
>>information on to the event is fairly straightforward (albeit a bit
>>tedious). Does anyone have any objections to updating these event types
>>with this information? I can file the appropriate Jira, but wanted to
>>check in with the list first to get opinions.
>Omission is not intentional. Please see [1] for earlier discussion. There
>is a bug opened as well[2].
>If you see ActionEventUtils, there is code that gets 'entity type' and
>'entity uuid' from the CallContext and fills the details on the message
>published. I added this as generic mechanism. Unfortunately, there is not
>a single place where if you populate the entity type and uuid in the call
>context then things would fall in place. So its tedious job of adding the
>entity type and uuid details to the call context to all the methods
>annotated with 'ActionEvent', but other wise it is a much needed fix.
>> Example event for network creation below.
>>@source="management-server", @type="ActionEvent",
>>@action="NETWORK-CREATE", @resource_type="Network", @resource_id="*">
>> "status": "Completed",
>> "event": "NETWORK.CREATE",
>> "account": "6d836cf8-47cd-11e3-a130-606d02c0c082",
>> "user": "6d838544-47cd-11e3-a130-606d02c0c082"
>>David Grizzanti  
>>Software Engineer
>>Sungard Availability Services
>>w: 215.446.1431  
>>c: 570.575.0315  

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