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From Nitin Mehta <>
Subject Re: Entity UUID and Type missing on ActionEvent event notifications
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2013 21:17:41 GMT
David - Thanks for taking the initiative, that would be great.
Can you please let the community know your strategy for populating the
I was thinking that CallContext can have the UUID populated by the
AsyncJobManager on completion. This would mean you would have to do it at
one place only.


On 19/11/13 12:45 PM, "David Grizzanti" <>

>Hi All,
>I noticed that the event messages going to rabbitmq of type "ActionEvent"
>are missing any reference to the entity Id/UUID.  Was this omission
>intentional?  Poking through the code, I was able to find that adding the
>information on to the event is fairly straightforward (albeit a bit
>tedious).  Does anyone have any objections to updating these event types
>with this information?  I can file the appropriate Jira, but wanted to
>check in with the list first to get opinions.  Example event for network
>creation below.
>@source="management-server", @type="ActionEvent",
>@action="NETWORK-CREATE", @resource_type="Network", @resource_id="*">
>  "status": "Completed",
>  "event": "NETWORK.CREATE",
>  "account": "6d836cf8-47cd-11e3-a130-606d02c0c082",
>  "user": "6d838544-47cd-11e3-a130-606d02c0c082"
>David Grizzanti
>Software Engineer
>Sungard Availability Services
>w: 215.446.1431
>c: 570.575.0315

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